Application fields of tapping machine/flexible arm tapping machine

flexible arm tapping machine

The following are some application areas of flexible arm tapping machine:


Some body frames, chassis, connecting rods, motors, cylinders and various mechanical parts, tools, hardware, metal pipes, gears, pumps, valves, fasteners and various hard plastic products, as well as printed numbers, names, logo patterns, etc.


flexible arm tapping machine is a kind of mechanical processing equipment for the end face of the shell. The holes of nuts, flanges, etc. have through holes or blind holes to holes for processing internal threads, screws or buckles of processing equipment.

flexible arm tapping machine is also called tapping machine, thread tapping machine, automatic tapping machine, automatic tapping machine and so on.


According to the type of driving power, it can be divided into manual tapping machine, tapping machine, pneumatic impact machine, and hydraulic motor touch impact machine; according to the recorded number of machine spindles, the wire drawing machine can be divided into a single-axis, double-axis screw screw Four-axis machine thread, six-axis thread multi-axis machine, etc .;


According to the degree of automation of the processing of the tapping machine, the tapping machine can be divided into automatic tapping, semi-automatic tapping and manual tapping;


flexible arm tapping machine device has the highest degree of automation. When working, the blank can be automatically inserted into the hopper, positioned automatically, clamped and tapped automatically to unload. Workers can operate multiple devices simultaneously. High productivity can save significant labor costs. Recommended reading: Intelligent operation of automatic tapping machine is more efficient

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