DMP Greater Bay Expo - 2019 Nov 26-29 held in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

flexible arm tapping machine

flexible arm tapping machine

Exhibition scope

Mould & Metalworking Exhibition

Mold manufacturing machinery

Metal processing equipment, alloys, steel and other raw materials.

Automation technology

Energy-saving products, factory materials, logistics and storage, surface treatment and coatings, precision measuring and testing instruments.


Injection molding machine, bottle blowing machine, extruder, bag making machine, die casting machine, rubber machine.

Manipulator, hot runner system, plastic accessory equipment flexible arm tapping machine

Chemical, plastic, die-casting and foundry raw materials.

All kinds of packaging and printing equipment and materials.

Equipment and materials for various types of die casting and casting technology.

Processing services: mold manufacturing, metal / plastic product manufacturing, die casting, casting, electroplating.

Foundry Show

Die-casting equipment

Castings and raw materials

Industrial automation technology equipment

Die-casting mold and technology

Foundry equipment and industrial furnaces

Sheet Metal and Laser Industry Exhibition

Sheet metal equipment: Shears, bending machines, and sheet metal surface treatment, sheet metal parts, sheet metal structural parts, etc.

Laser equipment: laser machine, laser cutting machine, plasma, water jet cutting machine.

Forging machinery: forging machinery, die forging equipment, flexible arm tapping machine free forging equipment and forging dies; punches, stamping automation equipment and stamping dies, etc.

3D Printing Show

Industrial 3D printers, reverse molding equipment, rapid prototyping machines, rapid manufacturing equipment, and desktop 3D printers.

3D scanner, 3D measuring instrument, 3D coordinate measuring machine / instrument, laser tracker and reverse engineering, 3D design software.

3D printing supplies: metal powder, photosensitive resin, plastic powder materials, etc.

3D printing services, prototype production, and other rapid prototyping and reverse engineering services.

Electroplating industry, surface treatment and coating exhibition

Electroplating plant equipment, raw materials, production solutions

Surface treatment equipment, engineering, technical solutions

Coating equipment, materials, application schemes

Green production, environmental protection production scheme

Fine plating, surface treatment and coating processors

Hardware Tools Exhibition

Electric, pneumatic , hand tools

Tool cutting tools, metal working tools

Abrasives, abrasives

Pneumatic flexible arm tapping machine, hydraulic flexible arm tapping machine

Welding material

Mechanical and flexible arm tapping machine


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