What is the role of the tapping machine? What is the scope of use

Use characteristics:

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1. The tapping machine has fast speed and high precision, and the tapped teeth can be detected by dental gauges. The tapping machine can be used for high-speed continuous cycle operation. The special motor can be durable and can be automated. One person can operate multiple devices at the same time, which can significantly save labor costs.

2. The working principle of the tapping machine: forward rotation --- reverse --- forward rotation --- --- continuous cycle and forward rotation --- reverse --- stop unidirectional cycle has a specific key switch To operate, you can also install a foot switch for selective operation, continuous, one-way, cycle can be automatic. The operator can completely leave the machine with both hands, and the tapping machine can work automatically, even beginners can operate smoothly tapping machine manufacturers.

3. The high-precision tapping stroke adjustment of the tapping machine is simple. The automatic reversing device can freely adjust the tapping stroke. Shallow holes and low-worked parts with holes can also be easily adjusted. The dual safety device of the tapping machine can prevent the damage of the screw tap The spindle is equipped with a dual safety clutch for rotating, up and down, and advancing and retracting. The spindle can be automatically stopped, and the tool will not be damaged if it is reversed.

4, tapping machine tooth pitch A, B gears, A, B rotating shaft and spindle are fully matched according to pitch advancement, vertical stability, accuracy, precision is particularly high, screw tapping forward and backward without the need for force to run freely. At the same time, it is determined by the excellent processed goods, which will not cause different thickness threads. For thin plates and light metal, soft products such as synthetic resin can also tap perfect threads. The tapping machine can also be equipped with a multi-axis device for multi-axis synchronous processing, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

5. The tapping machine can mainly increase the production quantity and quality. In the international market, the automatic tapping machine is a kind of machine with no machinery to ban.

tapping machine manufacturers

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