Electric tapping machine-Manuals Instruction-3

flexible arm tapping machine

For your own safety, read the flexible arm tapping machine instruction manual before operating the flexible arm tapping machine.

Read through entire manual before operating.      

Wear safety goggles when operating this flexible arm tapping machine.

Do not wear jewelry or loose clothing when operating.

Tie hair back before operating machine.

Do not wear gloves when operating this equipment.

Removing the tool or weight from the arm will allow the arms to extend rapidly,

possibly causing damage or injury.

Keep hands free of pinch points on the unit when operating.

Perform regular maintenance according to the manual

Do not alter or modify the motor or unit.

Periodically inspect for damage, loose hardware or anything irregular.

Read the warranty page before performing any maintenance or repairs.

Keep away from Rotating tools and the spindle.

Do not exceed the torque or weight limitations for the unit. Doing so will void the warranty and possibly cause damage or injury.

It is imperative that the table or mounting surface be lagged to the floor and secure before installing the flexible arm tapping machine.

ARMPREMFG is not responsible for accident or injury resulting from the misuse of this unit or for use other than originally designed and intended.

Metal chips and shavings are very sharp and can quickly cause cuts when clean them from the machine. Protect youself by waering golves, using a thick or foled bag, wiping them slowly

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