Servo Electric tapping machine-Manuals Instruction-5

flexible arm tapping machine

Please note:

*Install the flexible arm tapping machine on a vibration-free level that is not exposed to direct sunlight and strong wind.

*Three phase 220V/50Hz power is required.

*Place the machine at proper height.


1) Attach the machine base colum to the work table by means of four M10 screws nuts.

2) Then put serving tapping machine mainbody onto the base colum.

3) Connect the flexible arm tapping machine to a Three phase socket (220 V supply) with ground wire and switch on the main socket.

4) Tap collet installation  

Install tap collet to the spindle, and turn it in the direction of arrow to tighten it.

Tool installation  The spindle may fall suddenly, resulting an injury

Test Run:  The tap may break, resulting the injury

Manually rotate the spindle lighlty before flexible arm tapping machine machining to visually check the center of tap is positioned correctly If not, loosen the tap chuck and install the tap again.

Motor Supply voltage: 220 V. 50/60 Hz.

The socket must have a good ground wire

Operating Environment: Use the inverter within the ambient temperature range from -10 ºC. to

+50ºC. / Relative Humidity: 5 a 95% (no condensation).

Atmosphere: Avoid exposing the inverter to dust, direct sunlight, corrosive gases, flammable gas,

oil mist, vapour or water drops. 


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