Servo Electric tapping machine-Manuals Instruction-9

flexible arm tapping machine

Alignment Check list


01. How are you checking the unit alignment?

02. What type of table is  flexible arm tapping machine mounted to ? the table must be flat, is the electric tapping machine moved ?

03. Are both the Base mount and the angel mount completely tightened before any flexible arm tapping machine tapping is done ?

04. Are all the bolts on the tapping machine tight and secure ?

05. Has the flexible arm tapping machine dropped and damaged ?

06. How is part being fixtured? The fixture must be paralled to the flexible arm tapping machine, are the fixtures moved ?

07. Is the part fixtured level to the tapping machine base mount ? the work pieces must be secure and level to the tapping machine base.

08. Has the hole in the part been drilled straight ? how are you checking the hole alignment? The hole must be perpendicular to the work surface or table.

09. how deep is the hole you are tapping ? is it a blind hole or a through hole ?

10. What hole diameter are you drilling? What percentage of thread are you trying to achieve?

11. What size tap are you using? Thread per inch ?

12. What type of tap are you using ? ( bottom, lead, Plug etc)

13. what type of materials are you tapping?

14. If you are using a magnet:

Is the bottom of magnet free from burrs

Is the top of magnet flange free from burrs

Is the rear pin free from burrs  

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